Testimonials and Projects

Testimonial Statements

ARES Corporation
“I have known Drexel Smith for more than 30 years in the commercial nuclear power industry.  I started to work with him again 10 years ago when, with Drexel’s help and leadership, we entered the commercial nuclear power industry in China.  Drexel was at Wyle at the time and introduced ARES to his China agent and consultant and many of his potential customers.  ARES has been working in the China marketplace ever since Drexel’s introductions and Drexel has continued to assist ARES in these pursuits.

Drexel is one of the most knowledgeable, effective, strategic thinkers and business development experts in the testing and commercial nuclear power industries.  He is well known, well liked and highly respected by everyone who knows him.  He has helped ARES significantly in the past and we will continue to utilize him as a business consultant in the future.”
Richard J. Stuart, CEO
ARES Corporation

Aunt Camp
“I am appreciative of and have greatly benefitted from Drexel Smith’s extensive knowledge in effective business development and expertise in strategic marketing. Because of his professional, systematic approach and sincere desire for my success, he helped me identify and clarify objectives for Aunt Camp, create a business plan to evolve and achieve several goals, and maximize opportunities which he enabled. Drawing upon his professional resources and skills prepared me to confidently and efficiently collaborate with specific public and private entities, producing exciting results.”
J. Binkhurst, Founder/CEO – Aunt Camp

Aurora Capital Group
“Drexel’s extensive technical knowledge of the testing, inspection and certification space was invaluable to us as we underwrote investments in the sector. Perhaps more importantly, his experience as an executive and interpersonal skills made him not only a pleasure to partner with, but also someone we trusted to represent our team in the high integrity way in which Aurora seeks to do business. We’re very grateful for his partnership and support.”
Michael J. Marino, Partner – Aurora Capital Group

Environ International Corporation
‘Drexel’s extensive knowledge of business opportunities in government was instrumental in helping our firm evaluate business models to increase our competitiveness in the environmental government sector.  Drexel Smith’s knowledge was obvious, his analysis was insightful, and his timeliness was impeccable in helping us understand how to position ourselves to compete in this sector’.
C. Serlin, Principal – ENVIRON International Corporation

Foothill Transit
“Drexel Consulting brings knowledge and experience in the entitlement process and a pragmatic approach to working with elected officials.  His support to the executive management team of Foothill Transit was critical to assessing the political environment along with the varied perspectives of the policy makers involved and developing a strategy to achieve our goals.”
D. Barnes, Executive Director – Foothill Transit

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation
Drexel Smith has always provided a service which surpasses all expectations and all competition.  His extensive experience in multiple fields proves he is an asset no company can go without. Mr. Smith is knowledgeable, strategic, well known and well liked. During our development, he was vital when we needed a motivated leader who is able to implement new ideas and see them through to completion. I cannot recommended Mr. Smith enough for any company or individual who is looking to take their technical abilities to the next level.”
Christopher J. Romani – CEO – Launch Tech Holdings Corporation

Meals on Wheels
“Drexel Smith, a former corporate Executive, traveled the world and has a global view of what makes the world works.  As a community leader for Meals on Wheels serving a large portion of the San Gabriel Valley, I can attest to Mr. Smith being a great corporate citizen.  He has supported Meals on Wheels financially for the past decade and also provided guidance to our Board of Directors in Board Governance and a retreat facilitator.  I would recommend the services of the Drexel Consulting Group to anyone who needs guidance in this complicated world in which we now live.”
M. House, Past President – Meals on Wheels

Professional Link
“Drexel’s insights and executive level experience in the technology business sector enable him to provide strategic advice and operational guidance to industry participants as well as to the investment community. His ability to hit the ground running in support of diligence efforts and other related executive consulting tasks has been particularly important and beneficial for private equity investors faced with accelerated timelines.”
F. Grundman, Director – Professional Link

Public Policy
“I had the pleasure of working with Drexel on policy advisory teams for both a Presidential and Senatorial candidate. Without hyperbole, it can fairly be stated that the quality of counsel provided the candidates would had been severely diminished had Drexel not participated as a senior member. His knowledge of a wide range of policy areas was sound and reliable. In addition his willingness and ability to act as a ‘team player’ greatly enhanced the overall performance of our effort. I would look forward to any opportunity to work with Drexel Smith.”
R. A. Laurie, Chair, Energy Advisory Group – McCain and Energy & Environment Advisory Group – Fiorina

Royal Coaches Auto Body & Towing
“Drexel Consulting Group  has provided Royal Coaches Auto Body & Towing invaluable strategic management guidance for our small business.  Drexel has also provided outstanding proposal strategy and proposal development management for several winning bids to local municipalities and government agencies.  Our company’s growth potential and our ability to achieve that potential have significantly improved because of Drexel along with his team’s assistance.  As our Company continues to move forward our hope is to have Drexel Consulting Group provide continual expertise and guidance.”
Bill Salazar, Vice President & CFO

Southern California Edison
“Drexel Consulting Group brings knowledge and experience in the entitlement process and a pragmatic approach to working on complex issues.  His support to the management team of Southern California Edison was instrumental in a fast moving environment.”
S. Blain, Transmission and Distribution Business Unit Project Management Organization Southern California Edison

StarBuzz Ambassadors
“Mr. Smith is one of the most professional, highly-skilled, and motivated people I have met in my long career as an aviation educator. I have the pleasure to work with Drexel in my current position as the national director to one of astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s projects titled StarBuzz Space Ambassadors.  I have personally witnessed Drexel’s remarkable wealth of ideas that leaves many of our committee members’ miles behind.  His invaluable leadership skills will bring the needed resources to any company. I could not image another who epitomizes the highest qualities and values as Mr. Drexel Smith.”
J. Rice, Program Coordinator – Aerospace Resource Center

TD Smith & Associates
“Drexel’s extensive knowledge relating to organizational management, business finance, logistics, business development, B2B, B2G and executive level problem solving are phenomenal and appreciated by all clients whom I have referred to him.”
T. Smith, SVP – TVA Capital & President – TD Smith & Associates

The Grace Group
“Drexel Smith has a gift of listening with the ability to pervade focused advice on many governance and business issues.  His expertise in business management and board development has been extremely helpful to The Grace Group.  Drexel is caring, honest, a true professional and a blessing to have as a business mentor.”
G. Grace Sanchez-Hagen, CEO – The Grace Group

Urban Science Corps
“Drexel Smith has that rare ability of combining a gift for active listening with the ability to offer focused advice, always responsive to the client’s needs in those critical moments that lead up to making a key decision. The Urban Science Corps has benefitted from his experience, his caring, and his insight on many such occasions over the past several years.”
R. Shope, PhD, CEO – Urban Science Corps

Youth Science Center
“As a client of Drexel Consulting Group, the Youth Science Center has benefitted greatly from DCG’s expertise in many areas including marketing and general management assistance.  Drexel Smith has shown an ability to analyze a problem quickly and communicate our options in an easily understandable manner.  Additionally, he has demonstrated again and again, that he is part of our community and supports our non-profit whenever he can.  Drexel Consulting Group has served the Youth Science Center well, and will undoubtedly be able to enhance other businesses and organizations as well.”
R. Chong, Director – Youth Science Center

Westfield Santa Anita
Drexel’s vast knowledge and expertise in business development and growth was instrumental in developing a Sales Training Program for our tenants.  He was energetic and personalized the training to our   tenant’s needs.  With Drexel’s expertise and guidance, 80% of the participants saw positive results in their business.”
R.Oseguera, General Manager – Westfield Santa Anita


Projects examples

  1. Developed the ‘Win the strategy’, managed and produced several winning proposals to local, county and California State Government agencies.  Developing winning proposals is a primary skill of the Drexel Consulting Group, LLC.
  2. Support of numerous start-up business plan development projects in conjunction with SoCalBizOps and supported support of business launch activities.
  3. Developed a 24 hour Access to Business Capital (ABC) training program for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/SoCalBizOps.
  4. Provided assistance with defining approaches to government contracting for several start-up product and service business.
  5. Reviewed project plans and provided management risk assessments for development of a utility Corridor through a former defense manufacturing site.
  6. Concept and development of a regional chamber of commerce coalition providing promotion advocacy, information, education/training services.
  7. Board development and strategic planning for several non-profit boards that include Youth Science Center, Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity.
  8. Executive management support to a US engineering services company to finalize contract negotiation with China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC).
  9. Diligence support of acquisition of a technology company.

Guest Speaker

As a senior executive Drexel L. Smith has been actively involved in workforce development and STEM education issues for the past ten years. Six years ago as a member of the California Space Authority Board of Directors he was instrumental in establishing a Speaker’s Bureau to ‘ring-the-bell’ of the emerging crisis of fewer students taking a science curriculum speaking before Congressional committees and industry.  Smith continues to actively participate as a speaker on technical and policy areas and has been providing a series of papers and presentations on workforce and education issues in the Aerospace, Energy and Technology market sectors and has been a national speaker on this topic to technical societies, civic and academia groups as well as political groups.  The following like will take you to the current briefing materials entitled“‘Our Education Crisis Leaves Us Vulnerable to Future Technology Growth and National Security Problems’….



Drexel L. Smith has been a regular guest on EDI Media – G&E Studio – East to West hosted by Jack Zhao.  Recent programs can be viewed at the following links:


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